2017 Dry Vintage Cider 500ml 12 bottle carton


2017 Dry Vintage Cider 500ml 12 bottle carton


Traditional dry apple cider  |  3.1 standard drinks | 7.8% abv | 500mL bottle, 12 bottle carton



Extra dry taste & bottle fermented

Our traditional dry cider has a champagne style bead, is light in colour, and has a strong apple nose. Our traditional dry apple cider is bottle fermented.

Apples grown in Kalangadoo, South Australia

Our orchard is on our property in Kalangadoo, which is 30km from Mount Gambier in South Australia. Kalangadoo is famous for growing apples since the 1800’s.

Made with 100% real cider apples

Did you know that most Australian cider is made with imported concentrate? We make real cider, by hand. Our handpicked apples head straight from our orchard in Kalangadoo to our press; no concentrate, no imports, no dilution.

Crafted with 13 varieties of English and French cider apples including; Cox’s Orange Pippin, Lord Lambourne, Michelin, Fameuse, Bramley Seedling, Belle de Boskoop, Cleopatra, Pine Golden Pippin, Calville Blance de Hiver, 20 Ounce, London Pippin, Dunn’s Seedling, Golden Noble. We also use three varieties of eating apples including; Golden Delicious, Gala, and Pink Lady.

Small batch and limited release

Only 160 dozen of our 2017 Vintage Cider was created. It can be purchased exclusively on our website or at select festivals.


  • Best in Class awarded Silver for ‘Traditional Dry’ at the 2018 Royal Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards.
  • Silver for ‘Traditional Dry’ at the 2018 Red Hill Cider Show.
  • Silver for “Traditional Dry” at the 2018 Australian Cider Awards